Celestun, Yucatan, Mexico

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I joined an American woman I had met in Merida for a day trip to Celestun by bus in the morning. We met two German students and an elderly American couple on the bus en route to Celestun. We pooled our money and shared a boat to motor out and see the flamingos. During the hour and a half trip we not only saw flocks of pink flamingos but also egrets, pelicans and other birds in abundance. The Germans joined us for a tasty seafood lunch at a small oceanfront restaurant on the beach in Celestun. We caught the late afternoon bus and traveled through small Mayan villages on the way back to Merida.

Fishing boats and oceanfront restaurants line the beach at Celestun, a quiet Gulf of Mexico seaside village on the western coast of the Yucatan peninsula. >>>

<<< One of Celestun's local restaurants located on the beach not far from
the central plaza of this small fishing village.

Migrating pink flamingos regularly pause on their winter journey to South America to linger in the warm Gulf waters near Celestun. >>>

<<< Simple and unadorned, a pink stucco colonial-styled church stands alone in Celestun's small main plaza.


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