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Opera House, SidneyWelcome and thank you for visiting Traveling Online, an Online Magazine about Traveling Virtually Anywhere. We designed this virtual travel site to be a great resource for traveling to destinations here on the Internet. We created it as a way to visit the cities and countries of your dreams and to glimpse places of wonder and mystique.

Here you will find the wonderful travel tales that only come from the true adventure of traveling. We offer stories that are honest personal experiences and not the hype of travel agencies and promotional writers.

As we receive travel stories, adventures, and images from avid travelers, professional photographers, and individuals like yourself, we plan to add them to the VTravel section. In many ways, this is Your virtual travel magazine. You can help shape what you see here. If you travel for business, pleasure, or as a profession, Traveling Online can be a showcase for your writing, your photography, and your traveler's vision of the world.

In an effort to help offset the cost of maintaining this site and to help us add new destinations, we have add various shopping opportunities for products and services that will aid in your travel experiences and in your everyday life.
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