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Our Future

      As with any internet presence, this magazine-style publication is, and will always be, in a constant state of evolution. We have decided that it is time to put forth our effort and enable everyone to share in our vision for traveling in the 21st century.

      As the saying goes, "Everything starts at home with you." We'd like to expand that to "Everything starts at home with you and your computer." All of us dream of places we'd like to visit. We often like to plan for vacations that will take us far away from our jobs and our daily troubles. And we even get to go on a real trip every once in a while.

      What we at TravelingOnline.com have planned is a place for you to come to where you can visit locations around the world and get a glimpse of what it may be like to travel to those destinations.

      We're a very open group and we've structured our magazine to respond to our viewers' needs. That's why we're asking you for feedback and suggestions about how we can benefit your travel needs and desires. Whether you're looking for your next vacation spot or just taking a virtual vacation lunch break at your desk with your sandwich in one hand and your mouse in the other, we want to make that experience as real, exciting, entertaining and educational as possible.

      Please visit the destinations we have available now and let us know what you think. Tell us how we can improve the magazine and what we've missed. We have a lot more in store for you and for ourselves. Keep in mind that this is a modest beginning and that's why we'd like you to share in the magic of shaping TravelingOnline and watching it come together.

      Oh yeah, I almost forgot the best part. If you, or anyone you may know, would like to contribute to this venture, please contact us and let us know in what capacity you'd like to participate. All types of contributors and talents are welcome: photographers, journalists and writers, editors, storytellers, historians, and avid travelers or adventurers, to name a few.

      We function in a collaborative fashion with each person participating for their own unique reasons. What is key is that we all share in the sheer enjoyment of working together on the subject matter that excites us. Our passion for the material is what keeps us, and the magazine, alive. Whatever your interest, please let us hear from you.

      And one more thing. Please be aware that all of us involved here have personal lives that we value very much. So if we aren't as timely at getting back to you as you'd like... well, take a virtual vacation and e-mail us again in two weeks when you get back. In the meantime, Have Fun and Love Life!

      Respectfully, Gar Benedick, Head MuckyMuck and creator of TravelingOnline.com

Please contact us with comments and/or suggestions
at:  comments@travelingonline.com

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Welcome - Table of Contents - VTravel - Sponsors - Future Features

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