North to Alaska
A road trip to Alaska from Southern California
by Rosanne M & Kevin J


We left Lake Tahoe, without meeting up with any bears, and went on our way to Crater Lake, Oregon, the second deepest lake (589 m/1,932 ft) in North America. Crater Lake, which has an area of 20 sq. mi., is known for its intense blue color, a result of its great depth and clarity. Being from Southern California - we didn't realize that we would hit this much snow in early June. But, as we drove to the top to see the lake - this is the road we traveled. It is hard to tell from the picture, but the drifts were over 9 feet high.

The drive to the top - even through snow, was worth the trip. In fact - the blue of the lake was quite a startling contrast against the white snow.

We didn't stay too long, because after a short time it started to snow. So we headed back down.

As we zig zagged through Oregon, the days passed, the snow stopped and as we neared the coast the wildflowers were blooming. Lilacs everywhere - along with California poppies.

We were heading for Salem,OR to visit some friends. We looked forward to our visit and especially warm, dry beds. We had been on the road for a week and we were getting tired of campgrounds and motels. I had brought along my lap top and once in awhile we stayed at a motel - to wash clothes, take hot showers and plug in my laptop to e-mail home. We also used the laptop to find out what was waiting ahead of us. Our friends gave us the grand tour of Silver Falls which was just a short distance from Salem. There are seven falls in this park and each one more beautiful. Walking through this rain forest, a dozen shades of green, ferns growing wild and the sound of the falls - breathtaking.

Our friends encouraged us to stay longer - but we had itchy feet. Another friend was waiting for us in Astoria. What a charming seaport town filled with historic homes. We toured a few Victorians, had some great seafood and our friend gave us a grand tour of Astoria. This picture is a view of the town from the highest point.

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Text and Photography by Rosanne MacKenzie.
Copyright © 2001 Rosanne MacKenzie.
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